Connecting Values, Engagement, Leadership & Employees

At ConnectedLC, we provide organizations a flexible, dynamic, data-driven connectivity solution deployed to implement, design or maintain a successful employee engagement and cultural alignment/ transformation programs.

We believe a balance of cultural and business values help organization create lasting success by building an environment where employees feel they belong, are respected and engaged in the company’s mission.


ConnectedLC Packages

ConnectedLC is a configurable cloud-hosted solution designed to provide employees immediate access to the assistance they need when faced with life challenges and provide organizations the support they need to foster an engaged, value-based culture. The solution comes standard with instructor led on-sites, live tailored webinars & webinar recording library, cultural engagement tools, interactive polls/ surveys and online dashboards that monitor utilization and provide the insights to further stimulate employee engagement.

Additional add-on solutions are available and provide organizations access to a repository of Leadership, Trusted Advisor, Organization Preparedness, additional workforce reporting and training services.

Core Solutions

Culture & Values Engagement Compass
Culture & Values Engagement

Engage the workforce, encourage support, learning, sharing and living your unique culture and improving business values in the workplace.

Life Event Assistance
Life Event Assistance

Access to critical Life Event Solutions helping to reduce daily work disruptions, mitigate lost time and identify potential compliance risks.

Connected Learning Center
Connected Learning Center

A diagnostic-based Learning Solution dynamically capturing content and creating tailored learning solutions based on an organizations needs & values.

Dashboard & Metric Reporting
Dashboard Metric Reporting

Dashboard & Metric Solution tracking utilization and providing real-time metrics of engagement, content usage and satisfaction.

Available Add-Ons

Leadership Academy
Leadership Academy

Unravel challenges facing organizational leaders; transform to a model of purpose, values, innovation and adaptability to retain top talent.

Trusted Advisor Network
Trusted Adviser Network

A network of experts offering employees & organizations connections to qualified, vetted professionals when trusted advice is needed.

Organizational Preparedness
Organization Preparedness

A Security Solution designed to help companies prevent / resolve workplace incidents like active shooter, crisis management or cyber-security.

Workforce Reporting Integration
Workforce Reporting Integration

A Reporting Solution designed to organize and capture company data/ metrics to monitor performance to make improved strategic decisions.


Value Engagement Wheel

Coming Shortly: Engagement & Cultural Products Snapshot Video

Culture & Values. For many organizations, cultural and values engagement are words one can find on an office wall or in an brochure. For values to have meaning, they must transcend the organization and become a fabric of the culture.

Assessment & Transformation. Our Standard Cultural Engagement needs assessments and interactive modules are founded on a proven approach that transforms values from words to action by encouraging employees to learn, share, interact and live their organization's values within workplace.


ConnectedLC's Learning Solutions utilize a diagnostic approach to map challenges facing an organization's workforce, prioritize learning points, and create tailored learning plans based upon greatest organizational need.

Learning Point Approach

Sample Learning Plans

  • Aligning Culture & Business Values in the Workplace
  • Managing Compliance in a Value Based Organization
  • Achieving your Goals with Values, Resilience & Grit
  • Leading a Diverse & Innovative Culture through Values
  • How to Communicate Values with Diplomacy, Tact & Credibility
  • Leadership & Value Development for Managerial Success
  • Writing & Communicating an Effective Value-based Policy
  • Designing Value-Based Performance Development Plans
  • Utilizing Culture to Create Focus during Organizational Change
  • How do Values Fit within a Diverse work environment
  • Introduction for First Time Parents
  • Caregiving for Aging Parents/ Grandparents
  • Basics for Supporting Individuals with Disabilities
  • Legal Requirements for “Being an Adult”
  • Compliance Basics for Any Organization
  • Planning for Marriage
  • Essentials for Successfully Navigating Divorce
  • Retirement: What is Next?
  • End of Life Questions
  • Conflict Resolution and Management

If you are interested in learning more about ConnectedLC's solutions or would like to schedule a demo, please contact us and one of our associates will be in touch.



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